Welcome to Meazurable

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of our official blog for Meazurable.

We began this journey in 2017 with a small project that we hoped would satisfy our customer’s requirements. It was complex, ahead of it’s time and comprehensive. We are grateful to our client for he entrusted us with not only completing the software project but also with the implementation. We got the opportunity to speak to the users on the ground, and got a perspective of the other side.

Armed with the user’s opinions and suggestions, we made the necessary changes to the project. The early feedback worked wonders! The implimentation was a huge success, and Meazurable was born.

We have since gone from strenth to strength, and Meazurable now boasts a user base of over 5000 employees from companies all over India.

We have started this blog with the intention of sharing our journey, technological updates, and technical tips and tricks that might help with running a business in India (we know it’s a difficult job!)

Looking forward to helping many more business as Meazurable grows in the years to come.

Rohan & Parth

Meazurable is workforce management and HR solution that includes attendance management, leave management and time tracker.

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