Are You Profitable Right Now?

Meazurable shows you whether your project or venture is profitable at this moment. This is one of the most important metric for a business, and learning about it early on can give you important headway to make changes before it's too late.

Meazurable not only gives you a detailed dashboard for your current profitability, it also gives you data that can help you identify where and what needs to be changed to get your project profitability back on track.

Actual Costs


Revenue Rate

In Your Pocket

All your profitability data is available on the Meazurable mobile app. You can see your profitability on the go, so that you never miss out on crucial business information.


Access Control

Give the key people in your organization access to the profitability dashboard for relevant projects, ensuring that they are in a position to receive crucial information at the right time.

Filters & Drill Downs

Meazurable can show you not only the organization wide profitability, but also department wise or project / activity wise profitability. This can give you detailed knowledge of your organization and point you in the direction of issues.



Meazurable provides a dashboard that lets you know the exact current status of your project. It will tell you how much work is complete and how much is pending, how much invoicing is complete and how much remains. It will give you enought data to understand whether you need to take a specific action to keep your projects running smoothly.

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