• The Hybrid Workplace Model is Here

    Throughout the time the pandemic was raging, companies adapted by facilitating employees to work from home. The concept of work from home is quite old, but companies had never adopted it at this scale before. Nearly two years into adapting this model, employees and companies alike have found that it could work, without much loss to productivity. Employees are happy that they get to spend more time with their family and cut down on commute time and companies are happy that they get to cut down office costs. However, they have also found that some tasks are better accomplished by being in the office. This is how the hybrid workplace model was born.

  • 5 Things to Know About India's Revamped Labour Codes

    On September 22nd, the Indian Parliament passed three bills that will impact the way business is conducted in the country. The three labour codes are part of the government's reform drive, aimed to improve the ease of doing business in the country and simplifying India's much debated labour legislation. The Industrial Relations Code 2020, the Occupational Safety, Health & Working Conditions Code 2020 and the Social Security Code 2020 are the result of the amalgamation of 29 Central Labour Laws.

  • Doing Business in the Post Covid World

    Now that the COVID lockdowns are receding, businesses are looking at gaining the ground lost during the last few months. Companies now are looking at ways to align themselves strategically with their employees better to increase positive outcomes. Good workforce management plays a big part in achieving this successfully. Here are some of the major trends that will shape the future of work in the post COVID era

  • Is Remote Work The Future?

    We're past a good chunk of the pandemic lockdowns. We have had to adapt our lifestyles completely to suit this new reality. While many businesses have suffered closures, bankruptcy and losses, many others have moved to a remote working environment, where employees work from the safety of their home to conduct business as usual. The question is - after almost 6 months of this remote work lifestyle, are employers and employees looking at making this a permanent change? Will offices be obsolete in the future? What are the benefits and problems with this mode of working?

  • Welcome to Meazurable

    We began this journey in 2017 with a small project that we hoped would satisfy our customer's requirements. It was complex, ahead of it's time and comprehensive. We are grateful to our client for he entrusted us with not only completing the software project but also with the implementation. We got the opportunity to speak to the users on the ground, and got a perspective of the other side.