Maintain Your Profit Margin

Meazurable helps you compare budgeted costs against actual costs, enabling you make sure that your employees' efforts are in the right direction and arrest costs before they spiral out of control, helping you maintain a healthy profit margin.
This also helps the company in understanding deeper problems with project management of various managers. If employees working under a certain project or project manager have to continually work overtime, it might affect their peformance.

Actual Project / Activity Costs

Meazurable HR gives you a detailed understanding of the situation at any given point of time using its robust effort analysis system. The report contains detailed breakdown of project efforts put in. These can be filtered by project manager, an individual person working on the project and also on the bases of dates. This helps you understand how much efforts are being put in and what is the cost which is incurred by the company.


Actual Daily Efforts

The system also records two different timings for the attendance. One is the standard operating time of the office e.g. 10 to 6. The second time is actually when the employees sign in and sign out. Because of this, the effort plan of the project has a very direct impact. e.g. a project may have completed within 1 month but if employees had to work 18 hours per day to achieve that, then it means that actual efforts were far more than 1 month and the profit margin must be adjusted accordingly.

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