Record Your Unproductive Time

Meazurable helps your employees record the time spent in unproductive work related activities. This not only helps you identify & plug the inefficiencies, but also helps your employees by freeing up more of their time for productive activities or leisure.

Long Commutes

Whether commuting to work at peak hour, or travelling to meet a client, your employees can record all of the time wasted in travelling.


Unproductive Meetings

Whether meetings are productive is a constantly debated subject. With Meazurable, employees can record time spent in unproductive meetings so that your organization can take action on improving the productivity.

Device / Software Issues

Sometimes there are delays because of hardware or software issues. Meazurable can help you record such issues so that not only can you ensure they do not happen again, but also try and recover the time wasted.


Power Failure

Delays due to issues that are out of our hand, such as power failure can impact productivity. Record such issues to know exactly how much the time seepage is, so that you can make the appropriate adjustments to try and recover it.

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