Comprehensive Leave Management

Almost everything your company needs to manage leaves, and your employees to apply for them, presented in a simple and effective manner to maximise utility.

Probation Period

Meazurable provides facility of fixed / variable probation period for new joinees. This can be configured directly by the administrator, and can be overriden for certain cases.

Whenever a new employee account is created, Meazurable will automatically apply the appropriate probation period calculation to that employee.


Sandwich Rules

Sandwich rules can be enabled for any employee for when they applied for leave. Meazurable will automatically calculate the total applicable leaves based on the company's sandwich rules. This calculation is automatically applied when the employee applies for leave.

Leave Without Pay

Leave without pay is automatically marked by the system if the employee fails to follow the attendance policy or if he takes a leave outside of his leave quota. Once configured, Meazurable will intelligently identify leaves to be marked as such.


Monthly Credit

Meazurable will automatically credit the configured number of leaves to each employee's account intelligently every month. Configure once, and forget it. Meazurable will ensure all your employees, old and new get their due credit every month.

Reversals / Cancellations

Meazurable gives your employees a grace period to cancel or reverse their leave applications or re-fill their timesheets, in case they need to. The manager is notified is approval is required to do so. Everything happens from the employee's phone or web portal.


Alerts & Notifications

Meazurable has an intelligent and persistent alert and notification system. Meazurable will ensure your employees get timely reminders to punch in, punch out, fill their timesheet, notify them about approvals, rejections, and other key events.

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