Empower your People

Meazurable is a tool that manages your employees' attendance, leaves and timesheets. Meazurable is designed to make your employees' jobs easier by freeing up their time through automation, leading to increase in happiness and job satisfaction as well as business efficiency.

Why Meazurable?

Work From Home Ready, Already!

With the prevailing global situation, organizations need to be ready for new challenges, including remote work. Meazurable provides the ability for employees to work from home, out of the box! No special training required - once you have Meazurable, you are remote work friendly automatically.


Zero Setup Required

No need for an IT department or even a technical person. Sign Up, fill your company details and Meazurable is ready to use for all your employees anywhere in the world.

People friendly

Meazurable can be accessed from the desktop and phone. All employees have their own account from where they can manage their data easily, as well has know their leave status, approval status, fill their timesheet, etc. in a easy, transparent and private manner.


Built for SMBs

Meazurable has been designed and built ground up for SMBs, taking into account their needs and requirments, and focusing on helping them grow faster by automating their administrative tasks.

Simplicity at its core

We have tried to make Meazurable as simple as possible for your employees. It has been designed to automatically act and remind the employee for action. No need for learning complicated workflows, or even remembering daily tasks - Meazurable will remind you for the right action at the right time.


Ensure Process Compliance

Meazurable ensures that business processes are followed by intelligent use of alerts, reminders and automation. Meazurable actively works to avoid crisis like situations by helping you take important decisions on time.

Data & Analytics

Meazurable provides more than 27 different types of reports so that you can get an all round view of your business operations and take timely decisions.


See Meazurable In Action