Attendance system that just works

No need for sophisticated devices. Meazurable works from every employee's mobile phone, so that they can mark their daily attendance from wherever they are, in a simple and effective manner.

Simple One Click Attendance

All your employees need to do is to press one button for their daily punch in and punch out. Let the app do the rest.

No need to learn complicated processes, or undergo expensive training lessons. Meazurable gets out of your way quickly, to let you focus on your work


Location Tracking

With Meazurable, your company is already remote ready. The app captures the location and time of the daily punch in or punch out, so your employees can start working from wherever they are, without needing to spend time and money commuting.

Daily Automated Reminders

Meazurable sends three reminders daily for employees to punch in in the morning, and punch out in the evening. The app ensures that office timings are followed, and helps employees comply with the company policy.


Automatic Escalations

Meazurble automatically escalates issues like not punching in or not filling timesheets, to the designated managers, after a predefined duration.

The managers can fill, edit, approve or reject timesheets on behalf of the employees, or mark attendance for them.

See Meazurable In Action