HR Policy Suitable for Every Employee

Meazurable allows you to create multiple HR policy templates and apply the most suitable policy for every employee. This allows your business to easily manage employees of various qualities, from different locations & timezones, and ensure they're given fair and equal opportunity to contribute.

Leave Policy Templates

Holiday Policy Templates

Flexible Workday Policy Templates

Location Specific Policies

In case of Leave Approvals, Meazurable shows the manager the summary of leaves for the employee, to help him or her take the appropriate action.


Employee Specific Policies

Certain employees can be granted the benefit of auto approvals. Their leaves requests and timesheets will be automatically approved by Meazurable as long as they fit inside configurable predefined criteria.

General Purpose Policies

If a manager rejects a request, Meazurable will ask for a reason for rejection which will automatically conveyed to the employee to help him comply with the company policy effortlessly.


Flexible Workday

Meazurable allows you to configure flexible working days for each employee within your organization. This means that you can selectively configure 5 day and 6 days working weeks for various employees. Not only this but you can also configure complex working days for your employees. The system also supports you to have mixed off days e.g. 2nd and 4th Saturday could be an off while all other Saturdays during a month can be a working day.

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