Data that you can Act on.

Meazurable provides you with over 30 detailed reports that tell you exactly how your organization is functioning. This data not only enables you to take informed decisions, but also help you to plan and execute for the long term - and take your business to the next level.

Meazurable automatically sends you the reports that you want to see, when you want to see them. You can stop worrying about delayed or incorrect reports with Meazurable.

Reports for all your data needs

1 Employee Current Status
2 Employee Absent Status
3 Employee Details
4 Employee Leave Balance
5 Project Effort By Employee
6 Project And Project Manager Details
7 Attendance Report
8 Attendance Report By User
9 Attendance Report By Department
10 Leave Report
11 Leave Report By User
12 Leave Report By Department
13 Man Hour Report By Department
14 Man Hour Report By Project
15 Man Hour Report By Project Actual
16 Timesheet Report By Date
17 Timesheet Report By User
18 Timesheet Report By Superior
19 Project Effort And Cost Report
Project Effort And Cost Report Actual
Employee Effort And Cost Report By Project
Employee Effort And Cost Report By Project Actual
23 Department Wise Overhead Distribution
24 Project Wise Overhead Distribution
25 Pending Invoice Project wise
26 Profitability Active Project
27 Profitability Complete Project
28 Project Work Order Report
29 Project Work Order Report
30 All Received Invoices Report

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