At Your Employees' Fingertips

In the highly connected world of today, your employees shouldn't need to follow a complicated procedure to fill up their data. Meazurable provides a mobile app for employees and managers alike that has all the functionality inside it. You won't ever need to open a browser to use Meazurable.

By making mobile a first class citizen, we want to ensure a friction free and smooth data entry for your employees, enabling the creation of regular, consistent and correct data.

Capture GPS Location

The Meazurable mobile app automatically captures the GPS location at the time of attendance, helping your employees work from anywhere without friction.


Attendance & Reminders

One click attendance makes it very easy to punch in and punch out everyday. Timely & automatic reminders mean that the busy employees need not be burdened with remembering the process as they go about their work.

Leave Management

The employee can apply for a leave directly from their phone, the manager can approve it from their phone, and the employee will be notified of it. The employee can see how many leaves they have, and how many they can take at a stretch, according to the policy applicable to them.


Employee Calendar & Profile

All the employee's information can be filled in and edited in their profile. This information also serves as company record for the employee. Every employee gets his own dashboard where he can see his remaining leaves, monthly attendance, and current designation.

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